**We are NOW ACCEPTING Toy hauler travel trailers & LARGE bunkhouse campers.**

Owner Rental Consignment Program

What are the requirements to join our fleet?

1. RV needs to be less than 10 years old.

2. RV needs to be SOLID. No leaks, water damage, soft ceilings, soft floors or any other soft spots. For liability reasons, our insurance will NOT insure you RV - Therefore, you are a LIABILITY to my company.

3. RV MUST be in good working order, all items functional: fridge, stove, air conditioners, furnace, doors and cabinets, all electrical, plumbing, and mechanical items. 

4. RV needs to be currently inspected in your state to show Tires, breaks, propane lines, etc. are in good standing.

5. RV needs to have a leak test done BEFORE the start of the season. 

What is in it for you?

It's simple really!

Hustle-free rental income

We handle all transactions and paperwork

We create marketing campaigns

Renters are fully insured when renting your RV

No long term obligations

No additional fees

You get to make money

on your RV when it's not in use

We assume full responsibility of the vehicle

(bookings, maintenance, storage, cleaning)

You'll take advantage

of our strong customer base, social media presence and website traffic

Partner with us and let us handle the work!

Sure, you can list your RV yourself on popular rental websites. You can do all the cleaning between rentals after a long day at work or on your weekend if you have time. You can communicate with renters, update calendars. Then take some time off from work to meet renters before the weekend and spend upwards of an hour training them on everything about your RV to ensure they take good care of it. You can respond to questions and deal with any issues that may come up during the rental.


You could have Kim's Cozy Campers take care of all the work while you just collect cash! That’s what the Owner Rental Partner Program is all about.

How RV rental consignment works?

It's a pretty simple process, especially for the RV owner. The most involvement will be making your RV ready for rental for the very first time. This will involve removing personal items you do not want used by others but then stocking the RV with the necessary items that will be used by renters. Our rentals include everything a person needs for a trip including, bedding, towels, dishes and utensils. 

However, if you choose NOT to store the RV at our location, we will have to market your RV as a BARE RENTAL, unless your location is relatively close to ours. 

If you use your RV a lot in the summer and do not want to commit to summer rentals, we offer a WINTER RENTAL program, that will offer you the ability to make money while your RV would normally be winterized. These rentals can only be large bunkhouse RV's, Motorhomes or large 5th Wheel RV's.

CLICK HERE to view the stock guidelines for all rental types.

After initial prep, all the owner needs to do is let us know what dates you will be using your RV so we can take it off the rental calendar. That’s it!

Kim's Cozy Campers will do the rest. We will market your RV in an effort to keep it booked as much as possible. We will manage all rentals and renters and the associated processes. We will prep and clean the RV and contents between every rental. We will perform required maintenance and minor repairs. We will provide commercial rental insurance on your RV while it is under contract with our company. Once a month we will send the contracted Partner Program percentage of the net income your RV received for nightly bookings.
Full details are outlined in the RV rental consignment Agreement for your review.

What RV's do we add into our program?

We add travel trailers of all sizes, tear drop (sometimes called pods), A Frame campers, Class A, Class B and Class C motorhomes, pop up campers (all sleeping compacities), expandable (sometimes called hybrid) campers, tow behind toy haulers, 5th wheels and 5th wheel toy haulers, Truck WITH truck Camper. We are also adding Golf Carts, Boats, ATV's and other large items to our inventory. Add some or all to increase your payout!!

Why consign your RV with Kim's Cozy Campers?

Kim's Cozy Campers has grown into an RV rental business known for its quality of service within the first 2 years of operation. With many Five Star reviews across the major platforms, Google, Facebook and 3rd party sites, we are positioning ourselves to be the leader in RV rentals Northeastern Pennsylvania. And we are looking for people that want to be a part of what is being built here and take advantage of our reputation for serving families.

In addition to our reputation for helping families make memories, we have completed over 300 rentals of our travel trailers without major accidents or insurance claims. Our safety track record is top level. We spend an hour or more training and getting renters ready to safely use our camper rentals. Communicating and setting expectations is vital in a successful rental for both owner and guest and we show that in our rental process from established rental guides specific to each RV, Pre and Post trip inspections and documenting RV condition before every rental. No one can promise a 100% incident free experience in this business, but our processes aim to reduce risk and ensure the most positive experience for all involved.

Who is the Owner Rental Partner Program for?

Our partner program is for anyone that:

      A. Already owns an RV and wants to cover some or all of the costs and in some cases turn a profit on a piece of property that is otherwise sitting parked costing you money.

      B. Anyone who wants to invest in a local small business while acquiring property that they can actually use when they like.

     C. Want to buy an RV and would like supplemental income to offset some of the payments.

    This program is NOT for you if you consider your RV your “baby” or your “pride and joy”. A rental RV is an opportunity to earn money and possibly provide some tax advantages (you will need to talk to your tax professional for details). Your RV will get used more than if you were just using it so naturally it will wear faster. It will get “bumps and bruises” while it is earning you money. An opportunity mindset is required to be successful in this business.

    If this is something that you may be interested in, fill in & submit your details below to be considered in Kim's Cozy Campers Consignment Partner Program.