Please note that all of our rentals can be done in a contactless manner. If you prefer this method, once we have accepted your booking request we will email you a booking confirmation with detailed instructions for the safety of all our guests. This email will include all documents required for you to fill in, electronically sign, and return to us. About 1 week before your reservation, we will send you a friendly reminder of any documents we still need and send any final instructions. Please email us if you want more information about this process before you book.


To book a camper, a refundable booking deposit of 50% of the rental, is required at the time of booking. Once we receive your booking request, it may take up to 24 hours for us to confirm your booking via email. If the camper you have requested is unavailable, we will reach out with other options. When we confirm your booking with an email that will include delivery/pick up instructions and all the documents we need you to fill in, electronically sign, and return to us. About 1 week before your reservation, we will send you a friendly reminds of any documents we still need and send any final instructions.


Mileage & Generator Fees - Drivable Units

MILEAGE: 100 free miles per day. Additional miles start at $.39/ per mile. EX: A 10-day trip gets1000 free miles, the next 1000 miles are billed at $.39/mile, the next 1000 billed at $0.58 and the next 1000 at $1.08. Most rentals fall within the first (free) or second tier ($0.39). Mileage to be estimated for round trip and paid before leaving and adjusted when unit is returned. NO MILEAGE CHARGE FOR TOWABLE UNITS. Mileage fee may be charged as a separate fee to the card on file used to complete reservation or deducted from the security/damage deposit. (Pricing Subject to Change)

GENERATOR: 2 hours included for every night booked and paid for at full price. $3.00 per hour thereafter. In lieu of the hourly rate, unlimited use can be obtained by prepaying $39.00 per day for the generator.

NON-Drivable Units (Towable Units)

MILEAGE:  Unlimited mileage at no charge

GENERATOR: 8 hours included for every rental night booked with add-on. $3.00 per hour thereafter.


Payments are accepted in USD and can be made on a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express, cash via Venmo and check. A card in one of the driver’s names must be entered at the time of booking the camper for the booking deposit. The remaining balance of the rental is charged 14 days before your pick-up date.


A security deposit is held on the primary driver’s credit card the day the rental begins. (Information on this is emailed when your booking is confirmed.) This transaction is set up as an authorization hold (not a charge). We release your security deposit after we inspect your returned vehicle. Returning rentals must be deemed undamaged, with a clean interior, all equipment must be returned and in the same condition as it was sent out. 

It can take approximately 10 days for the security deposit PENDING status to be voided by your bank. 

Security Deposits are applicable as follows:
$500 - $1500 for all Rentals

Festival/Event/Group Security Deposit $2500-$5000