When reserving a campsite, you should ask a number of questions to ensure the rental you would like will fit in the campsite you desire. All the specs for each rental can be found on the specific rental page you booked. Some campgrounds are tight, while others may have an open field type layout. We use a 20-foot truck when delivering your rental, so please be mindful of maneuvering in and out of campsites and campgrounds for us or yourself if you are picking up and traveling with our rentals. We have rentals of all different sizes to accommodate most campsites. Please use the guide below to choose the best rental for your location.

Site Length is Important

Example: The Cozy 4 Season Warrior is a 37-foot camper with 2 slide outs. That means that you will need a minimum 40-feet long by 16 feet wide (without obstructions) campsite, or the rental will not fit into the campsite, and it cannot be delivered. NOTE: On the day of delivery, there are no refunds for customer error in picking an incorrect campsite. Please contact us and/or the campground if you have any questions or concerns.

Hookup Availability

A full hookup site is defined as a campsite with water, sewer, and electric hookups. This means all three amenities are available at the individual campsite. The minimum electricity needed for each rental to properly function is 30 AMPS. If you choose a site with 20 AMPS, you will not be able to use the air conditioner, refrigerator and many other electrical items at the same time or you will blow a breaker and possibly cause damage to our rental.

Our rentals DO NOT require the site to have full hookups. Please let us know if they do not, so we can price your rental accordingly.

Pull Thru vs. Back In

A pull thru site is typically a bigger site with more room. It also allows the driver to pull through when arriving, making it a hundred times easier and much appreciated.

A back in site is one the driver has to back into the site. These sites tend to be more private, but also more difficult to reserve due to demand. Some backup sites have obstructions like trees, other RV's and phone poles. These can inhibit full extension of slides and/or awnings. If you plan to book a back in site, it is highly recommended to call the campground and ask about any obstructions.


Most campgrounds have free Wi-fi. If good Internet is a must, we recommend calling the campground and finding out which sites are closest to the Wi-fi routers.

Bathhouse Benefits

Picking a site near a bathhouse is great if you love long hot showers. All of our rentals are equipped with small, 6-gallon hot water heaters. A hot shower will last about 10 minutes. If your rental is set up with gas and electric hot water heating, you can turn them both on to extend your shower to 15-20 minutes.

All of our rentals have one bathroom. If you have a large family, it is nice to have an open bathroom nearby for others to use.

Bathhouses and the surrounding area are typically well lit at night, which could be a plus or minus, depending on your preferences.

Check In times

Every campground is going to have a specific check in time. Our check in time will vary depending on the amount of deliveries and pick ups we have for the day. If you want a specific time, prepay for early check in or late check out to guarantee you time. 

NOTE: If a campground has a check in time for 2pm, that doesn't necessarily mean your camper will be ready for 2pm. RV set up typically takes about an hour. If we can't get in the campground until 2pm, your RV won't be ready until about 3pm. You can absolutely be present during this process, but that make result in set up taking us longer.

    Not Sure Where to Go?

    View hour local CAMPGROUNDS for ideas on where to book your campsite. We can highly recommend a few campsites in different towns, if you're having a hard time deciding. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

    REMEMBER, if you are planning to tow the rental yourself. We advise that you pick a campground and campsite that will be suited to your level of expertise in towing. Any damage done to a rental will be your responsibility and will most likely mean forfeiture of your security deposit.


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